The Talking Wall 2

Aura Sintra Festival - Criaatividade Cósmica
Sintra, Portugal
From concept to construction
"Every wall of Sintra can be a garden". Sintra's unique climate and mysticism allow nature to regain its space. The walls have life, they could tell us stories and legends from the beginning of life, where the molecules were present. This installation intended to invite visitors to admire nature through light and shadows. Using the chemical bonds that form the molecules as an abstraction the wall served as a support and it worked as a parallelism between nature that invades the walls and human constructions. The colored projections acquired various proportions depending on the inclination of light against the workpiece and according to the movement and rotation of themselves. We have chosen to represent the chemical bonds of the fundamental molecules in photosynthesis and the selected colours result from an approximation to the tones existing on the exchanges of the atoms.